We're passionate about working with companies to support sustainable payment and financial solutions to real world problems.

Payment Solutions

Our global network of payment partners provide a range of acquiring and settlement options for every type of business. We'll help educate and advise on what solution works best for your business goals.

Blockchain Technology

The blockchain has taken the industry by storm with no shortage of challenges in the technology, security, finance and regulatory space. We present real world understanding to those areas and leverage this technology to get ahead of the market.

Financial Services

With a vast range of financial offerings from online wallets to prepaid cards, we'll help you navigate these waters and establish financial relationships with key partners to grow your business.

Technologists who happen to love payments

Acru has over 15 years of experience in the payment space tailoring solutions to businesses across industries. As an early adopter of blockchain, we have built, invested and managed the convergence of blockchain and traditional finance to streamline business goals.

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